Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday 17th July 2009

Just noticed that yesterdays blog lables were anxiety, depression and football, with those three words it's suprising that my post wasn't about this years Scottish cup final. If you didn't happen to see the match and don't want to know the final score, please look away now.

Falkirk 0 - Glasgow Rangers 1

From that result and the three words you should be able to work out I'm a Falkirk fan. Falkirk played amazing in the cup and deserved to win it. Reaching the cup final meant that for the first time in their history Falkirk would be playing in a european competition, namely the Europa Cup. Was called the UEFA cup until this year. Anyway last night Falkirk played in the second qualifying round and played Vaduz a team from Liechtenstein who play in the Swiss leagues. It was a dreich night in central Scotland and the match at the Falkirk stadium ended.

Falkirk 1 - Vaduz 0

Only goal of the match was scored by Ryan Flynn on loan from Liverpool. With the second leg still to play, it's far from over but it's a great start for Falkirks first venture into Europe.

On my second day of the medication now and today I've been feeling rather sick along with very drows, I'm hoping it'll pass in a few days, that's what the doctor said anyway.

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