Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday 24th July 2009

I can't believe Steven Gerrard got let off, the people who he was with have admitted affray, there's CCTV footage of Gerrard and he still gets away with it. Anyone else would of got a guilty verdict but because he's a footballer for England and Liverpool he gets off free. It's a frigging joke.

Quite often I'll hop around blogs just having a wee glance, as I've said previously there's a lot out there, most of which I don't understand but every now and then you see one that's rather good. I don't have diabetes but I seen this blog on poetry associated with diabetes and I'm highly impressed at the volume of good quality poetry that can be created about diabetes.

Today has been pretty meh. I have to go to this course that the job centre sent me too, it lasts for 13 weeks, 4 days a week. Just finished my 4th week so 9 more to go. It's basically just sitting at a computer from 10am till 4pm doing job searches, I find it pointless since I can do that at home and it does not take 5hours of my day ( we get an hour for lunch ). Since starting the medication I generally feel awful whilst there, when trying to work it's not easy while you feel queasy. The paranoia of being sick makes it even worse, sometimes I wonder how much of nausea is real and how much is just in my head.

Falkirk were in Liechtenstein last evening playing the second leg of their Europa league qualifying match. They went 1-0 down in normal time to level the tie and then went on to lose another goal in extra time, losing the tie 2-1. It's sad to see them go out so soon when it took many years to get there in the first place. Hopefully it won't be another 133 years before they grace the European stage once more.

Vaduz 2 - Falkirk 0 ( agg 2-1 )

As I mentioned yesterday I had to phone my doctor, technically I phoned, left a message and he called back a few hours later when free. My father is addicted to answering the phone first, even if it has stopped ringing he'll pick it up and say hello. Of course he answered when the doctor phoned back and then proceeded to ask my mother what was wrong that the doctor had to call to speak to me. Of course I told my mother it was none of her business so that's exactly what she told him. He never actually asks me. At Christmas last year I was feeling pretty low and broke down a little, eventually I spoke to my sister about what was wrong. My father went and asked her what I had said but she wouldn't tell him, again didn't bother come directly to me. No one really talks about problems in our family, it's always been more individual and I'm guessing that's not how a family is meant to be. No one ever talks or says I love you. I guess that's why tv and films always seem so fake to me, all the hugs, all the love you's just doesn't sound/look right when said to/done with parents or siblings.

Medication wise today it's been so-so, some nausea but not as much as the past few days.

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