Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday 27th July 2009

To try and get back towards my old shape and fitness I've been " running " the past few months. Not particularly often though which won't help. I used to play football with friends a lot up untill a few years ago and that involved running around for 4 hours a night so I'm pretty disappointed that I now find it exhausting running for 30seconds. What I really need is to start running daily in order to build up fitness but it's hard to get motivated. I also hate people looking at me when I'm going for a run, well I hate it all the time but even more so when I'm looking like that, it's especially bad that I have to cross a main road in order to get to a more isolated route.

As for medication today, felt nauseous still but not as much as previously, big test is tomorrow when I have to go to the course. I really hope I don't feel sick. Anxiety has set in.

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