Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday 19th July 2009

Feeling better than yesterday, no nausea but did sleep for quite a bit and still tired which isn't particularly good.

It's been a fairly nice day weatherwise, some bright sunshine which always please the cat.

Managed to slice my foot on a piece of broken plastic last night, it wouldn't sound that bad but I sliced my big toe on the same piece not long ago, I really should watch where I put my feet.

My father was taking my grandmother out on a canal trip with some other old folk for the day so was helping to prepare some food. He had boiled 8 or so eggs for egg mayonaise sandwiches, personally I only like my egg to be roughly cut so you get a fairly large bit of egg to bite into whereas my father says that's not proper egg mayonaise and states that everyone likes it to be obliterated into fine egg pieces. I never used to like mayonaise much but now I do so I like my egg mayonaise to be fairly moist rather than dry crumbly bland stuff. When I make egg mayonaise for myself, I like to sandwich it between ham or warm slices of sausage, tastes delicious, my favourite sandwich is honey roast ham and salmon, may seem like a strange mixture but it's what I like, although I am partial to the sweet chili chicken sub from subway.

Damn starting to salivate at the thought of food now, luckily it's not long till I'll cook my dinner. I actually enjoy cooking quite a lot and I'm not that bad at it although my attempt at homemade pasta was awful to say the least.

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