Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday 26th July 2009

Again a picture taken from my phone so not great quality. It's a picture taken from St Andrews, looking out across the water.

Nausea is still present but less than the other days, I'm hoping it goes away soon, I don't think I can stand having to go to the course this week and keep having to go to the bathroom when I feel nauseous. I haven't actually vomitted at all but it's getting really annoying. I don't know how to cope with it added to the torture of being in a room full of people. Anxiety and paranoid make it worse and I realise I have to figure a way to get over them but it's not that easy. I'm actually anxious already, worrying that it'll soon be tuesday, that's not the greatest way to live.

What's the point in mens fashion? It looks awful, men shouldn't wear skinny jeans. Do girls like men in skinny jeans and if so why? What's wrong with baggy jeans? They're much more comfortable and I bet they're a darn sight easier to get on and off. Since I like to cycle, walk and play football my legs are the only place that has more developed muscles so I'd think skinny jeans would look freaking weird on me. That's about my limit on fashion, must be why I'm unfashionable or of course it could be due to the fact that I look like an escaped mental patient. I didn't escape, I was released.

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