Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday 14th August 2009

With the rain steadily falling, grey sky for miles leaving a dull view from the large window ironically overlooking the store Bright House, it was a rather dreich day. I swapped one dull view for another and slowly swung back around in my chair to gaze at the monitor sitting before me. With the mouse in one hand and a lot of hope in the other I began to sift through the jobs. One after another they all said " Requires experience " or " experience is essential " killing off the hope I held, bit by bit.

With that being said I did apply for a couple more jobs and there's one I have to phone up about, absolutely terrified about phoning strangers though. Got to do it though.

As for medication, feeling fine and I'm pretty sure the anxiety is decreasing now.

Tomorrow sees the start of the Scottish football premier league, C'MON THE BAIRNS!!

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