Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday 21st August 2009

Well went for the interview today, killed my lovely sideburns and tufty my friend in order to look more presentable. It went fairly badly, I began to panic and the room was absolutely roasting so sweated a lot which is rather horrible. I sat for an hour trying to undo the top button of my shirt for an hour which didn't work.

It was a fairly informal interview with the group sitting around a table discussing what they think the job would involve and several other similar questions. I spoke twice in the whole hour, I was the second youngest there, most people were 46+ which seemed daunting. There was one guy who had done the same sort of job before so he spoke a lot. I'm fairly confident I did badly.

I decided to order the live streaming of Blizzcon, probably a mistake but it's my mistake.

Watched the Hearts match last night, they were in Croatia playing Dinamo Zagreb and got humped 4-0. It was awful. Scottish football is just getting worse.

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