Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday 28th August 2009

Received a letter today, at first I thought it was going to be about the job I applied for but sadly it was just a note to say that my cardiology appointment had been changed from November to September. Exciting stuff.
Not looking forward to it since I've put on a fair bit of weight since I last had my heart checked.

Smokers get nicotine patches, gum and candy cigarettes to help them stop smoking but how do you stop over eating? I know there's will power but that breaks when you're unhappy.

Speaking of unhappiness I believe I feel better now, may sound stupid but I'm not sure if I do or not but I think I do.

Going back to over eating. I know I should do more exercise but getting the motivation to go out and do it isn't easy. I guess once you start and feel a bit better about yourself you'll continue it, it's just getting over the initial hurdle that's the problem. I know I'm the only person who can change that, I just wish there was no people between me and the road where I run.

Sent away a job application today, wasn't until I had just popped it in the post box that I realised I hadn't signed the cover letter. Stupid me.

Hearts won 2-0 last night but wasn't enough to overturn the 4-0 first leg defeat. It's sad that the manager might leave when it's not his fault that the owner doesn't seem to care anymore.

Whilst on my way home from the course today I noticed a couple of streets, one called Cockburn Street and another called Dickburn Street. I assume it's something to do with small streams which are called burns but maybe a very angry female named the streets or possibly a man with an unfortunate medical condition.

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