Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday 10th August 2009

For some reason I've been rather tired today, I had quite a long sleep which doesn't bode well for getting up early later in the week.

I keep meaning to write about some things but always seem to forget, I guess I'm senile now. Along with my spelling I'd say how I structure my writing isn't particularly good, there's always something I'll talk about and never really follow it up with something constructive. It's like wandering into your home and announcing "I found this pony" then leaving the creature standing in the living room staring blankly at the tv, probably trying to work out the killer in midsomer murders and never mentioning the pony again.

Anyways one of the things I was going to mention last week was about an article that was featured in the Daily Express on wednesday. It was about what women want in men, lookswise, it said "Eight out of 10 females no longer go for the tall, slim feminine look..." . The article was referring to the metrosexuality of modern day footballers but I couldn't help but wonder if these eight out of 10 females had just not realised till now that Paula Radcliffe isn't a man.

As for medication after 12 days still no side effects, fingers crossed.

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