Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday 24th August 2009

It's a nice day today, sun is shining, the sky is blue and there's not much of a breeze. I didn't have a decent picture so have used a screenshot from World of Warcraft. It's a picture of a Draenei Paladin in Loch Modan I was leveling earlier this year. I leveled it with a friend, I picked protection spec as I knew there was so many retribution paladins around. After getting to level 80 I noticed that I found paladins to be probably the most boring class in the game, they're easy to play but damn so dull, not enough melee abilities for my liking.

Today I decided to have a bit of clean, I thought it was about time, especially after I discovered an old TV guide dated June 2003. To be fair to me though and to try make it sound slightly better it was amongst my old university stuff. It's only after a quick clean I realise the ridiculous volume of Irn Bru I drink. The vast number of empty 2litre bottles looks like a years supply but in reality the 2 black bags worth is about a month. I seriously did try to cut down.

My sister sent me some information about evening classes. You can get it partially paid when you're unemployed in the hope a new skill would make it easier to find a job. She said she'd pay for the rest. Maybe I'm just not used to people being nice to me but I don't know how to really react to something so gracious. I feel somewhat a burden but I know that's not how she wants me to feel. She's doing it for my benefit and I am grateful, not sure how to express that to a family member though. That may sound odd but I've always found it easier to say please and thank you to people I don't really know and friends rather than to family. There's a couple of benefits to doing some evening classes, 1 it'd stimulate my brain a bit more, 2 it'd hopefully aid social interactions. Sadly looking at the courses there's not much that interests me.

Health wise, I see the doctor on Wednesday again, I think he's going to consider doubling my dosage which I'm not sure about. The medication doesn't really be seeming to have much of an effect but maybe I just don't notice.

As usual I've forgot what I was actually going to write about.

Anyways I'll mention another website, it was brought to my attention by a crazy person but it is rather amusing and some of the pictures bring a smile to my face. Click Here.

I'm not sure why people are allowed out of prison on compassionate reasons to die when they get sentenced to life imprisonment. Of course I'm talking about the Lockerbie bomber who has only a few months to live. The Americans aren't happy about his release, neither are some people in the UK but what I don't understand is why they're getting all high and mighty when they went to Iraq and slaughtered a lot of people on false pretences. I don't know if the Iraq war was right or wrong in the long term but again something that puzzles me is why the situation in Zimbabwe was any different. More importantly with the Scottish parliment convening a week early to discuss the release of the Lockerbie bomber it meant the tv show Monk, wasn't on. How unfair.

Yesterday my father was watching some of the V festival on 4 music and asked me who some band were, few minutes later he says " I assume that's Lady GaGa " I replied " Yes you can tell by the awful music " to which he said " She doesn't have much clothes on either " . There's something unsettling about your father watching Lady GaGa bounce around when even I don't.


  1. Hello... if you join you can get money towards some courses if you're unemployed most colleges give you a fee waiver if you're unemployed too, so it means that you only have to pay something like a tenner, it just depends on the course you do... some colleges round here do cooking classes, I know you like to cook so maybe that'd be an idea?

    I've also questioned the whole Zimbabwe thing, why is there no war being started there? Well, a lot of their gun money comes from wealthy British businessmen. Also, Prince Harry's ex girlfriend Chelsea Davy is the daughter of one of the very few white families who were allowed to keep their farm as they give money to one of Mugabes guys. It reaks.

    Catherine x

  2. Yeah the colleges around here mainly do computer courses for beginners, I was looking for something cookery wise or proper computer maintenance so I don't keep attacking it.

    Also a creative writing one but that involves standing up and talking. Plus there's learn to keep fit and preparation for the police. Most of the courses seem to be aimed at something to pass the time rather than something you can use to get yourself a job.

    I'd quite like to learn a language though.