Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday 3rd August 2009

I remember reading in the paper a few weeks ago about a girl who got charged by her bank after going 1p overdrawn after buying something in a shop. You get charged around £20 or £25 or so and last year I was in a similar position when I had gone overdrawn but immediately had put money back into my account to cover the overdrawn amount and the fee in case they added it on. They did add a fee on which out me 1p in the red, being a student at the time I didn't have an income and it eventually spiraled up to £200. As with the rest of my family I prefer to complain to friends or family and just lump it rather than stand up and complain to an actual business or company. I just don't like making a fuss. It's not just banks, I've been in subway and had salad put on my sandwich when I had specified none and even worse came away with something that I hadn't ordered. One is probably my fault since I don't speak that loud and the female was foreign so may of misunderstood my accent, the latter was during a very busy lunch time and they must of mixed up the sandwiches at the till. I never went back to complain, firstly because by the time I sat down to eat my lunch I was miles away and secondly I just didn't want to complain. A long time ago I got chips from a chip shop, asked for just salt and ended up with salt, vinegar and brown sauce. I don't like vinegar or brown sauce but was so hungry I ate it, I still don't like vinegar or brown sauce.

It's now day 5 of being on Fluoxetine and I feel no side effects so that's good. One thing I have noticed now that I'm on Fluoxetine is I still have nightmares most nights, when I was on Citalopram I can't remember having one. I might not sound like much but I do suffer from recurring dreams. Apparently I talk in my sleep so it is a bit of a worry not knowing if I'm saying something aloud.

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