Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday 4th August 2009

Seriously annoyed at the moment, I sold an item on ebay a few weeks ago, only for the buyer to start saying he must ask a question on MSN. I told him that it's safer for both of us to talk through the ebay system so it keeps a record. I'd of thought that'd be a sensible thing but no he still persisted on only asking his question through MSN, I told him that it'd be faster if he just asks there. He replied that it'd be faster for him to talk through MSN, I was getting rather suspicious at this stage, well to be honest I was suspicious from the start but that could be paranoia, anyway I said that I didn't use MSN and didn't even have it installed so it would be easier just to ask me there. I'm not sure if I'm surprised or not by his response, he actually said that I can install MSN on my computer and how easy it was. By this stage I decided to look at his "100%" positive feeback, all of it was positive at this point, I looked at the feedback he had left for a seller, there was one and it was negative. I sent a message to that seller and asked about his dealings with the buyer, as I suspected he told be the buyer was a fraudster. I sent a message to ebay and waited, got a generic response then had to wait till a week had passed to claim my fees then a further 10 days or so before they had processed it. After this point I again looked at the buyers feedback, still "100%" positive but now with around 10 comments declaring him as a fraudster, I wondered why all these people hadn't left negative feedback so went to leave my own. I was shocked to find my only options were to leave positive feedback or none. How was this fraudster allowed to leave negative feedback against an honest seller yet we're not allowed to leave truthful feedback against them.
After a week I relisted my item, at more expense, it was bought out last night which I was pleased about. My pleasure barely lasted 20minutes, I looked at the message I had recieved from the buyer, it was a different buyer but the exact same message as the fraudster. Obviously this person is hacking ebay accounts since this buyer had well over 400positive feedback, I immediately sent an email to ebay telling them and have just recieved a response. I have to reply to ebays email with the details of the fraudsters messages and include headers, I don't have a clue how to find out the headers.
I'd assume what the fraudster is doing is finding someone who'll talk on MSN, send them a keylogger then hey presto get another persons account to purchase items.

With that aside I'm feeling ok today, little bit tired but that might be nothing to do with the medication.

Next problem is what to have for lunch.

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