Saturday, 1 August 2009

Saturday 1st August 2009

Actually can't remember the name of place I took this but it was up north when I was on a wee trip with my Sister and her Husband. We had a meal in pub, I remember having a cheeseburger, there was a wedding party going on at the same time, it was very tasteful with Rangers tartan kilts. Classy.

Wow it's August already, I'm into my second month of blogging coolio, although technically I guess a second month of blogging would be over 30 posts but you know what I mean. It seems strange that we're now in the eighth month of this year and I really can't think of anything that I've actually done, Christmas doesn't seem that long ago and soon the shops will have their Christmas displays up and running. I bet kids these days associate Santa with Hallowe'en more than Christmas now thanks to shops and their premature displays. I've actually had Christmas decorations up in my room for like 12 years, I just couldn't be bothered to take them down, it's only a couple of the shiny chain things that go around the tops of walls, I'm surprised they haven't collapsed under the weight of the dust on them. I'm probably not helping things talking about Christmas now when it's just turned August.

Today I'm feeling fine, no side effects from the medication, just wish I had started on Fluoxetine rather than Citalopram.

As you can see I've added another picture to try and brighten up my posts slightly. It's again taken from just a camera phone but a different one, it's my newish phone which is a Samsung Tocco Lite. I actually don't particularly like it, it's not that bad but just doesn't suit me. It's a touch screen phone, first one I've had and it's fairly easy to use for texting since the virtual buttons are fairly large but it seems slow and it's easy to hit buttons you didn't mean if you hold it at an angle especially the language button. I keep texting and wondering why simple words are no longer coming up in predictive text, then realising I'm trying to type in Italian or Spanish. The camera is pretty sucky, it doesnt have a flash, I know that phones aren't supposed to be cameras but I don't have a decent camera and when I'm outside walking I like to take pictures of pretty things and having a wee camera on my phone helps with that. I miss my Sony Ericsson one, I still have it but the buttons don't like to work making in rather inconvenient. Another bad thing is I've always found Samsung batteries go down awfully fast which is highly annoying, funny though that the new Samsung advert is all about impatience so obviously that's why the battery doesn't last. One good thing is the auto lock, I've always had the problem of pressing buttons without meaning it whilst the phone was in my pocket, I used to keep texting my sister blank messages.

I love music, it's great, I like a wide variety ranging from Johnny Cash to Sepultura. I like to listen to the Wu Tang Clan and Cypress Hill, I find their music really relates to my roots, growing up in the harsh wilds of a central Scotland village. Songs like Catastrophe, When the S*** goes down and Legalize it really relate to the many of the issues in a community such as this like is that a dog that's urinated in the street or one of the many many OAPs waiting for the bus. Many many around here is approximately about four possibly five but never four and half. The problem with being half a person is if you only have the bottom half you wouldn't be able to tell the bus driver where you're going unless of course you're like my father and can talk out of your posterior. If you have no legs you wouldn't be able to actually get on the bus and nobody would really like picking up a torso but I guess at least you wouldn't smell of urine. Lastly if you were halved down the middle you wouldn't be able to stand up so that's just ridiculous.

Like most days I've actually forgot what I was going to write about.

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