Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday 22nd August 2009

As I mentioned yesterday I ordered the live streaming of Blizzcon. I got it to see what announcements would be made reguarding World of Warcraft. I wasn't too disappointed, the announcements were good and the panel interviews were interesting too. A lot of the information was released onto the web in a matter of minutes. Annoyingly it kept buffering at key points during the start which I assume was due to that's when most people were watching.

I also watched the contest section. The costume contest was um well interesting to say the least. The crowd of a reported twenty thousand, cheered for two main types of contestants, one being males who had put a lot of effort into their costumes, the second being for "attractive" females who should some cleavage, mainly dressed as Night Elves and Blood Elves. It was like watching the gaming worlds version of Miss World, just seemed odd. It was mainly fairly slim females who participated, not what you normally think of when you imagine World of Warcraft. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves when they hear the crowd cheer for them though. It didn't seem like the announcer really knew what he was talking about, he kept saying things that sounded like he was just reading from cards. Should say it's not just World of Warcraft, there's also Starcraft and Diablo too.

Watching some of the movies that people have made using World of Warcaft is rather impressive though. The entries in the top three were really creative, well made and a bit funny.

The sound alike contest was quite strange, some guy did the voice of a Dwarf NPC (Non Player Character) which has a Scottish accent, the guy was quite bad really. I could do it better but I guess having a Scottish accent already makes it slightly unfair. Some folk were taking it scarily seriously whilst others were trying it with a comedy angle and then there were some who just did it for the hell of it, doing impressions of a Murloc.

The contest section was hosted by Jay Mohr, I probably recognise him most as the annoying guy from Jerry Maguire, which of course could mean Tom Cruise. Although nowadays I hear him most as a voice in Saints Row 2. He was quite funny.

The sound alike contest was interupted to start the dance contest. Arguable it was the most strange. I know my friend would of enjoyed the female Draenei dances, he'd of probably been interested in the female Draenei in the costume contest too, they even had tails. I assume it wasn't real tails though. Some of the contestants looked like they had been practicing for the past year since the last Blizzcon, or in the case of someone doing the Orc male which is based on MC Hammers "Can't touch this", practicing for two years. Even had the dodgy trousers. Sadly the streaming coverage stopped around then which was disappointing, didn't get to see who won the dance and sound alike contests or the number one World of Warcraft movie, although it was almost 5am by then.

Time to be depressed football-wise.

Falkirk 1 - Hibs 3

Just gets worse, I ken it's only the second game of the season but I'd like to see at least a point on the table for Falkirk and less goals against. Falkirk have scored two goals wooooooooo but then you realise that there's been seven goals scored against them in just two games. I hope we don't lose our better players to some lower league English teams but I can see them leaving at the end of the transfer window if Falkirk lose again next week.

Scottish football just seems uninteresting compared to England this season. It's quite good that there's a number of Scottish players in the premier league though. The likes of Steven Fletcher, Steven Caldwell and Graham Alexander at Burnley, Alan Hutton at Spurs and of course Darren Fletcher at Manchester Utd. There are others obviously. Getting first team action in the English premier should help the Scotland international squad which is always good. Might be others by the end of the transfer window, especially if Celtic fail to beat Arsenal in the Champions league qualifier. Which I think they will.

I managed to get the shower jammed a few days ago, well I thought I had, after 2 days of trying to turn it and hurting my hand in the process, I realised I was turning it the wrong way. Stupid. Finally with that knowledge I managed to turn the shower. However in the 2 days of turning it the wrong way, sometimes with the help of a hammer, it seems I have broken it so no water comes out. ARGH!!!

Also in todays paper it seems America isn't happy with Scotland following the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

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