Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday 29th August 2009

Another Saturday, Another defeat for Falkirk FC. This time it was

Dundee Utd 2 - Falkirk 1

So after 3 games into the new season Falkirk sit on no points 11th in the table just kept off the bottom by Hamilton who thankfully get humped by more goals than us. It's looking like a long hard season a head. Hearts also have no points but do have a game in hand over both Falkirk and Hamilton. I can't see Hearts being near the relegation zone next May.

I've been given an energy drink that looks like a rip off of red bull, has similar packaging anyway. Poured it into a glass and it looks a lot like urine. The fizz left within a minute to make it look more like concentrated urine. Like when you don't drink enough and it comes out that deeper yellow colour. I would say it doesn't taste like urine though but I haven't tried that yet. The drink isn't that nice.

So today I went out with my sister and her husband to Stirling, it's amazing how many short people there are in Stirling. I don't like it since they get in my way. I should walk behind them and say " Oh my God, you've got awful dandruff " . I could carry a salt shaker in my pocket to make it more effective. Maybe get a bar of white soap and start flaking of small scratchings with a knife, however they may notice someone doing that. I guess I could wear a light bulb and pretend I'm a lamp post. My brother in law also noticed that most of the males in Stirling today had girl hair, which is just long sort of dodgy looking hair which I guess is fashionable. There were a group of females all dressed in sort of flowery dresses / skirts , I'm guessing that's in fashion too. They looked like old peoples toilet roll covers. There was a man dress up as a cow to advertise a new milkshake bar, for some reason he had udders.
The main shopping centre in Stirling, the Thistle Marches is like a bloody greenhouse, it was boiling inside.

After this we went to Beacraigs country park, it's mildly disappointing now, there's no fish farm bit where you can feed the fish anymore. Also the deer seem to be further away from the walk way now. I managed to walk around the place without playing my "game". My game involves saying something to my brother in law when we walk passed other people. Last time we were there I scored well with " Yes I agree this is an ideal spot to bury a body " . The best place to play this game so far has been St Andrews. Rather than go for jokes about murder is more like walking by people who are obviously Students and seem to be posh and English and saying stuff like " They let any old folk into this University these days" .

I'm such fun.

Was going to end on that point but I just remembered when I came home my father said to my mother that he had finished off the soup she had left. He mentioned it was rather watery before my mother telling him that the soup had been finished and she had added water to the pan to clean it. What's really sad is the fact this is the second time he's ate/drank dirty water that he thought was soup. It's pretty obvious it's not.

It's depressing that when I cook something, the only feedback he gives is " it's fine" and this is a man who has dirty water as soup.

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