Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday 16th August 2009

Half way through August already, this year has flown by.

Yesterday evening was very windy, kept making my tv go funny which is never fun. Not a bad day today, I can see some grey clouds at the moment but also some sunshine, still a tad windy too.

Rather annoyed by my father, yet again, he was in the fridge complaining about the volume of water at the bottom, tried to blame it on the bottles of water I keep in the fridge before I showed him that none of the water has actually escaped and the most likely cause will be condensation from when he insists on turning the fridge temperature down.

Much to the disappointment of someone I'm going to get my hair cut on tueday in preparation for my job interview. No idea how I'll get it cut since I never know what to ask for so I just say shorter and hope the hairdresser knows what she's doing. Generally hairdressers try to be friendly but being awful at conversations I usually just provide one word answers which cut conversations short. It's something I really should work on.

I need to phone up to enquire about some other jobs tomorrow so it's a case of finding the courage and trying not to panic. Probably write down what I want to say before hand but knowing me I'll lose the ability to read.

Last night I discovered that it's rather difficult to help someone with a logic puzzle when you can't see what they're looking at. Managed to help in the end but took a while. I think problem solving is one of my strongest abilities, it's something that I enjoyed a lot in studying chemistry and biology at university. Sadly I was awful at trying to remember information for exams when you had essay questions. I also let myself down by my style of writing. My lecturers kept telling me to alter it but I have an awful habit of putting comedy in which probably isn't particularly helpful when you're writing an essay on the Rous Sarcoma Virus.

Just listening to the football today, I was rather disappointed with Manchester Utd's performance and I hope they'll sign a big name before the transfer window closes. However I'm happy that Liverpool lost to Tottenham.

As I said before there was a body found in the canal here and surprisingly another was found in the canal just 6 days later, not in the same place but it's still rather strange.

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