Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 9th August 2009

Chelsea won this seasons community shield winning 4-1 on penalties after the match ended 2-2. I'd of preferred to have seen Manchester United win and I thought they would of after the first half sounded like they were more or less in control. With the transfer window closing in a few weeks I wonder if any of the bigger team will buy any more big players, Arsenal have sold more than they've brought in so I'd assume they might need to strengthen.

Seeing what teams like Aston Villa and Manchester City have done within the transfer market makes me think this could be a more competitive season but I'm no expert.

Meanwhile in Scotland I can't see anyone but Celtic winning the Scottish premier league. Sure I'd like to see Falkirk lift the title but I'm slightly more realistic than that. Rangers haven't bought anyone yet and have sold some of their squad whereas Celtic have brought in a few decent players.

Scotland also have a crucial world cup qualifying match mid week against Norway, I'm not sure how it'll go really, I'd be more confident if we had Kris Boyd playing. I assume it'll be played in Oslo, Norway are no where near as good as they used to be but I can't see this being an easy match, I expect and hope it'll be a 1-0 win for Scotland.

I was just looking at the BBC football website and read a story about the captain of a Spanish team, Espanyol, Daniel Jarque did whilst training at the age of 26. That's the same age as myself and a few years ago whilst being tested for Marfans syndrome the doctors found I had an issue with my heart, nothing major though I think. Anyway the player died of heart failure which was brought to media attention as far as I can remember by the Cameroon player Marc-Vivien Foe and more recently and closer to home by Motherwell captain Phil O'Donnell. I can't understand why with all the developments in sport, the backroom staff, physios and doctors how they can't monitor players and see if there is any risk to them.

Currently playing Saints Row 2 with my brother in law over xbox live. It's a lot of fun really and hilarious, however we use the headset to chat so whilst talking to him, if my father comes into the room he thinks that I'm actually saying something to him which is rather annoying.

Had to start on a new sheet of fluoxetine today, still going ok, haven't noticed any side effects. Fingers crossed.

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