Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday 13th August 2009

The thing I hate most about this employment course is the fact that I run out of stuff to do within an hour at most and then I'm left with the rest of the day with nothing to actually do. Like most people I'd probably get fed up working and having no free time for myself but the good points about working outweigh the bad by a long way, unless of course the job is something completely awful like being Russel Brand's stylist. I was speaking to the woman who runs the course about my job interview next week and she said she'll organise a mock group interview so as much as that sounds awful it's also rather nice that they go to that trouble.

Yesterdays Scotland match was just depressing, it ended:

Norway 4 - Scotland 0

It was going fine for the first wee while then Gary Caldwell got sent off for a minor incident which acted as a catalyst for this awful result. Prior to the match I had hoped for a one nil win for Scotland, obviously Scottish people weren't meant to be optimistic and we were punished.

This also brings another valid argument for a change to when the Scottish domestic season is played. Before this there was already talk of having it played during the summer so that Scottish teams would be better prepared for taking part in European competitions after some dismal results. With Falkirk, Aberdeen and Motherwell all getting knocked out before getting into the proper competition. Celtic have the hard task of beating Arsenal to get into the Champions league proper.

As for myself well I'm feeling fine at the moment, I believe I feel less anxious in public so that's improvement. Fingers crossed.

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