Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday 27th August 2009

Today is the first day of double dosage, not sure if I feel any different, maybe a little bit drowsy but that could be due to not having much sleep.

Was at my course today. Was in a group of 6 people and we had a task where you were on a cruise, the boat exploded and now you're on a lifeboat. There's room for 4 more people and you come across 7 more survivors

A Mother and child
A Prostitute
An 86 year old woman
An 80 year old man who survived the Nazi concentration camps
A 16 year old boy
The ships first mate
and a Nurse.

My decision was to pick the mother and child since it's morally right, the 80 yo man since he survived the nazi camps so surely he knows how to survive, The nurse incase someone is sick and thats where I got stuck. I thought the 86 yo woman was too old and near death anyway, the 16yo boy should have a better chance of surviving on his own, I'd blame the first mate for the accident and the prostitute could be STD infested.

Since we had to decide as a group we took a vote and our choices were
Mother and child
16yo boy
Ships first mate.

They picked the mother and child for the same reason and also the nurse. They said the ships first mate would be able to help navigate and would know roughly were the ship exploded and the 16yo boy since he deserves the chance to live.

However this task was just about showing us what you write on your CV could be misinterpreted if you don't provide key information or something about asking questions. It was revealed afterwards that

The mother had a degree in marine ecology( or something along those lines could of been marine engineering)
The 16yo boy was a paraplegic
The ships first mate was blinded in the explosion
The 86 yo woman was a retired doctor with over 60years experience
Can't remember what they said about the 80yo man
The prostitute was a man
The nurse had only just passed her first exam.

Therefore you should pick the mother and child, 86yo woman,80yo man and I think Nurse.

I'm not sure why you'd call the nurse a nurse if she hadn't actually qualified yet.

After this we were given another task involving a wedding. It was basically problem solving and I completed it in a few minutes. I then had to explain how I came up with the answers which were correct.

Tomorrow we have to do something with the Japanese numbers from one to ten. Not exactly sure what yet.

I'm amazed I predicted the exact Celtic score last night, I said it'd finish 3 - 1 and it did. I didn't predict that Eduardo is a diving cheat though. Absolutely disgraceful piece of blatant cheating.

Tonights match involving a Scottish club is Hearts v Dinamo Zagreb , I can't see them overturning a 4-0 defeat in the first leg.

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