Thursday, 6 August 2009

Thursday 6th August 2009

Feeling rather anxious today, not sure if I actually feel nauseous or it's just in my head. At my course and it's going better than other days so far, touch wood. Again it's a warm day in Scotland by my standards anyway, luckily have a bottle of water with me so hopefully won't sweat a tonne. I have a stiff pain in my shoulder, nothing to do with the medication, I fell asleep watch tv with my arm propping my head up and must of rolled over onto it.

The problem with not being a people person is you never know what to say when someone starts randomly talking to you, a lot of people manage to hold a conversation with just about anyone. Personally I find it hard and usually can't pass a few grunts or ayes.

Some jobs have really strange names that give the impression of something more bizarre than what they really are. For example I just noticed a job for " Monumental letter cutter " my first thought was that it was standing in front of an audience waiting for important news and you open the letter to excitable cheers from the crowd. Woooo.....sadly it wasn't, it was for lead letter cutting.

Sitting in a room for 5 hours a day just looking at jobs is rather dull. I usually finish doing job searches within 30minutes. Most job sites either have nothing appropriate for me or have nothing within this area. I wouldn't mind travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh since I travelled to Glasgow for university for 4 years.

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