Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday 18th August 2009

I forgot to mention this yesterday but I was watching the world championship athletics a couple of days ago now and firstly, Usain Bolts run in the 100m was pretty incredible, although I'm sure I could beat him easily. Secondly I noticed that after the final event in the heptathlon all the competitors got together to celebrate in front of the fans which seemed strange at first since normally you'd be quite gutted at not winning. However I guess in multi eventing you spend a lot of time with the other competitors, form bonds and grow closer, maybe it's just the women though.

Was getting my hair cut today and the place was rather busy which didn't help me much, I began to feel nauseous and panic half way through so just said yes to everything the hairdresser said to hurry her up. Probably not the greatest idea. The hairdresser was really small, I was taller than her sitting down.

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