Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tuesday 25th August 2009

This is probably my favourite picture from the website I mentioned yesterday.

The only problem is trying to understand half the things that people write on the site since they're done in non proper English.

Speaking of English I was watching countdown today and the letters came up as
it's the first time I've been watching when they've bleeped out the answer which I assume was bastards.

I noticed that Sol Campbell, ex arsenal, Portsmouth and England defender has signed a 5 year deal with Notts County. Quite remarkable since he's currently 34 so would be 39 if he stayed the duration of his contract. The BBC has a new football league show which is televised on Saturday nights right after Match of the Day which allows for the non premier league teams to get more coverage. To be honest it's probably better to watch than Match of the Day. It's surprising the calibre of player that has joined a league two side when it'd be difficult for 10 of the teams in the Scottish Premier league to attract that sort of player. I hope that Notts County don't go the same road as Gretna and Livingston, money allows a rise to the big league then knocks them back down when it can't be sustained.

One thing I'm really bad at is understanding what people mean. I often read too much into what they say which is probably due to paranoia and then begin to worry that I've done something wrong. I should and could expand on this point but currently can't think of how to put it in writing.

Just read on yahoo news that police in Peru found two turkeys which had been stuffed with cocaine. I bet that's ruined Kerry Katona's Christmas now.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about natures entrepreneurs and leading Algebra experts the Giant Panda. Also set to be the next James Bond Villain Mr Mascarapanda.

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