Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesday 12th August 2009

It's a picture of a Scottish wildcat taken from the highland wildlife park. Wildcats are highly endangered and with the ability to breed with domestic/feral cats it dilutes the pure wildcat gene pool.

Looking at today's paper is rather depressing. There's a study been done on the effects of fizzy juice on the liver which has revealed that it can cause long term liver damage. It says

"The study found that people who drank a daily litre of fizzy drinks or fresh fruit juices were five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease." (Daily Express)

Since for as long as I can remember I've been drinking a few litres of Irn Bru daily this could pose a problem for me. Of course I am being paranoid but I've long known that my love for Irn Bru isn't a healthy one but have always thought I don't drink alcohol so hey how bad can it be. I think that it's made worse that they have mentioned fresh fruit juices, that's what I like to start the day and have always assumed fruit juice is good. I know that fruit juice contains natural sugars that are bad for the teeth but never thought for one moment that they can cause liver damage.

This year I have been trying to cut back on my consumption of Irn Bru and drink more water but that was for wanting to get fitter. This news about fruit juice has further ruined by breakfast routine when the other day I looked at my normal breakfast cereal, crunchy nut cornflakes they had 12% of your GDA amount of sugar in a 30g portion. Looking at the other breakfast cereals in the house,

  • Fruit & Fibre 30g portion has 15% GDA sugar and 12% GDA of saturated fats
  • Muesli 50g portion 18% sugar and 9% Saturated fats
  • Nature's Pleasure 45g portion 10% sugar and 3% Saturated fats
  • Crunchy nut 30g portion 12% sugar 1% saturated fats

I suppose one good thing is the low volume of saturated fats within Crunchy nut cornflakes but for a person like me who consumes a fair volume of sugar in fruit and fizzy drinks it's quite worrying. You can't make a direct comparison between each one since there's three different volumes of tested portions within them. I could sit here and work out the volumes correctly to make a better comparison and in fact I think I will, bare with me a moment.

If I take the figure of 450g as one that all four of the products can be multiplied to I get

  • Fruit & Fibre 450g / 225% sugar GDA / 180% saturated fats GDA
  • Muesli 450g / 162% sugar GDA / 81% saturated fats GDA
  • Nature's Pleasure 450g / 100% sugar GDA / 30% saturated fats GDA
  • Crunchy nut 450g / 180% sugar GDA / 15% saturated fats GDA
Of course no one is going to eat 450g of breakfast cereal in one sitting although as a child I did use to eat a large bowl of cereal when there was nothing else to eat. Once I accidentally dropped the tv remote into a bowl of cornflakes which didn't please my father.

Anyways I'd guess 30g is a decent volume to take therefore we get

  • Fruit & Fibre 30g / 15% sugar GDA / 12% saturated fats GDA
  • Muesli 30g / 10.8% sugar GDA / 5.4% saturated fats GDA
  • Nature's Pleasure 30g / 6.67% sugar GDA / 2% saturated fats GDA
  • Crunchy nut 30g / 12% sugar GDA / 1% saturated fats GDA
Thus we can make a direct comparison based on these two elements, of course there are other elements to consider such as calories, fat and salt. Too much salt isn't particularly good for you and I know that the fruit & fibre and muesli both had 7%, the crunchy nut had 6% and the nature's pleasure had under 1%. Therefore out of these four cereals the natures pleasure is the best for you I think. Although personally I would still prefer to eat the crunchy nut. I'm most surprised by the fruit & fibre, I was always given the impression that it was very healthy and tasted awful but is it worth eating that much sugar and saturated fats just to have firm faeces. Obviously I'm not a qualified scientist but damn I look good in a lab coat.

Well this morning I was at the doctors, it was a quick appointment, basically he said that I should go back in two weeks and if there's no effect of the medication he may need to double the dose since I'm quite tall. After that if there's still no effect he may have to change me over to a different medication. I'm not particularly keen on that since the Citalopram made me feel awful. Other than that he talked about psychotherapy and that I should hear from them soon to find out when I'll be getting an appointment. He did also mention that he doesn't know how long the waiting list is so it could be a while before I get anything.

It's a rather sunny day outside, which is nice. Good for the cat anyway since he'll be able to sleep in the warm patches beside windows.
Yesterday I found him sleeping on a pile of freshly cleaned towels, he has his own bed but still feels this urge to sleep somewhere else. In fact I don't think he's ever used the cat bed despite my attempts of making it more enticing with catnip.
He likes to sleep on my bed when I'm not there which is great in winter for heating up the sheets but he does tend to sleep on the most awkward position. Two nights ago I went to bed around 4am and the cat was sleeping on the edge of the bed so I didn't disturb him. I was finding it rather difficult to get to sleep and finally got off when 10 seconds later I woke up, the cat had started purring and his purrs are quite a low tone, he was causing the whole bed to vibrate. I managed to fall asleep again but woke up after half a minute, I was in a drowsy state so picked up the cat, which is hard at the best of times thanks to his claws taking half the bed with him. I thought that would make him leave, I turned over and went to sleep. Five minutes I'm awake for the third time, he's laying on top of my pillows purring deeply. Eventually I resorted to blowing on his ears to make him move.
Two hours later he's back wanting fed.

As you can see I'm writing a fair bit today to make up for yesterdays pitiful offering. At this rate I'll be able to write about the Scotland match whilst it's being played.

I live in a small town / village, actually I don't know what you should call it since it's joined onto another town. Anyway I live in a fairly small place, there's a telephone box ( it's a box with a phone in it that was used before mobiles were common place and often as a public toilet, no this isn't sarcasm but that was.) that had an advertisement for a new film called Orphan. It has the tag lines, " There's something wrong with Esther." and " You'll never guess her secret" since it's a horror film I'm guessing it's going to be something to do with having murderous tendencies.

My first thought was,

She's an orphan because she killed her family.

I thought that was too logical so then I came up with

  • She's the only female who hasn't slept with Russel Brand.
  • She's actually a 30yo Russian gymnast who suffers from amnesia
  • She's addicted to cheap cider to try to dull the pain of hemorrhoids that are the bane of her life she got whilst riding her pony.

Oh I received a letter today saying that I have got a job interview on the 21st, woooooooo then I read it's a group interview. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost forgot this is post number 31 so that's a whole months worth.

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