Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wednesday 26th August 2009

On Monday I mentioned that fact that I had recently levelled a Draenei Paladin in World of Warcraft. Today after returning from the doctor I logged on and went to Zul'Gurub for the first time in ages, as usual I went to Bloodlord Mandokir and killed him, to my surprise the Swift Razzashi Raptor dropped, a very rare drop of 1% and rather nice for a member of the alliance to get since they don't have access to raptor mounts. Of course it doesn't make the game play any better but it's nice to feel a bit of luck.

My joy was short lived, after this piece of fortune I went to check the microwave which had made a funny pop last evening. To my dismay it had been broken, my second microwave to have died at the hands of my father. He never bothers to read instructions for anything and doesn't actually pay to get anything fixed.

As I said, I was at the doctors today to see how my medication was going. He thought I should be feeling better by now so he's doubled my dosage to 40mg a day. He also gave me some beta blockers to take before job interviews and other stressful ordeals to help combat the anxiety. When taking them before I didn't notice any effect but here's to hoping. I go back to see him in a month. I'm supposed to be getting psychotherapy but found out today that the waiting list is 12months so that's not going to happening any time soon.

Whilst on the last medication Citalopram I found this website no more panic which is very very helpful. It lets you see what can be done to help you for all sorts of different anxiety related issues and the forums are filled with nice friendly people who are going through the similar experiences so you can check to see if what you're experiencing is normal and reassure yourself. Being able to put your mind at ease for one thing is really helpful, it won't sure you but it's one less thing to worry about. Every little helps.

Yesterday was dry and sunny today is the exact opposite. It's relatively cold (which I don't mind) ,grey and very wet.

Also yesterday I was looking at various websites that show you how to install a shower. It doesn't look or sound too hard. I'm fairly confident I can teach myself how to do it and hopefully not in the too distant future since having baths just doesn't seem as clean. It probably sounds odd I know but baths just don't give me the same fresh feeling as a shower does. Showers are also a lot easier and quicker. The only really good thing about baths is you can check your testicles easier which may not sound like fun but I bet it's a fair bit better than having cancer. Am I being overly paranoid? Probably although it's better safe than sorry. A year or so ago I did find a lump of one of my testicles, it was very tender which the doctor said made it unlikely to be cancer since they're hard lumps. I was given some anti biotics which seemed to clear it up but it was still worrying to find something. I suppose it would be worse to find a panda on your testicle. Maybe that's the reason men don't like going to the doctors, they don't know how to explain finding a panda on their genitals. Pandas only rarely attack humans so it would be fairly unlikely to have a malignant panda problem, so therefore most people find that pandas on their testicles turn out to be benign.

I'll take a guess and say that people with pandas on them is a highly underestimated issue. Maybe even something unknown to most doctors.

I spoke briefly about pandas yesterday and said I'd discuss it further today so that's exactly what I'm going to do. As you may know the giant panda is native to China and lives in forest mainly eating bamboo. Pandas are said to be endangered due to deforestation of the areas in which they live. What you may not know is that many pandas realised that there way of life was changing and started a small drinks company in the late 1970s producing there most famous product of panda cola. The product was successful due to it's cheap price but that success came with a price not shown in shops. Since the panda population was dwindling they faced a major problem with keeping up with demand. To solve this problem pandas enslaved many Chinese farmers to work in their factories. This solution did work and they were able to keep up with the demand for cheap cola. Unfortunately more cheap brands were introduced in the 1990s and by the mid 90s the pandas barely made any profit, closing down their factories and letting their captives go.

This is not the first time that pandas have asserted themselves. Back in the late 12Th and early 13Th centuarys pandas were notorious for ambushing and pillaging trades people and towns in Asia. In the middle of the 13Th century under the ruling of Cho Mascarapanda the panda forces joined together and invaded the area of China we now know as Hong Kong. Cho Mascarapanda ordered the building of the great city of Pandama to unite his people further. Over the next 200 years the Panda forces invaded many other countries including modern day India and Bhutan. These invasions gave us the terms pandemonium and pandemic.

Although some of their history is towards violence, Pandas are generally gentle, thinking creatures. Many people believe algebra has it's origins in ancient Babylonia but this is simply not the case. There's numerous pieces of evidence to support the claim that algebra was first used by a travelling panda tradesman called Yun Po Pandahamma. His mathematical technique inspired many fledgling mathematicians with whom he encountered on his travels.
Pandas were also involved in many other areas of maths, the famous Pythagorean theorem was originally called Pandathagorean theorem, a Panda in the Greek branch of the Jehovah's Witnesses met a young Pythagoras and taught him the ancient Panda technique. After the Jehovah's witness Panda left Greece for Ellesmere port young Pythagoras changed the name of the theorem and all knowledge of the Pandas presence.

In modern day Britain many Pandas work as Maths teachers, the population of Panda maths teachers is thought to be around 140,000 although it's estimated that around 20% will lose their jobs to ex bankers.

The front page of today's paper was about a row over Martina Hingis being allowed to participate in this series of Strictly Come Dancing. The row is because she was banned from tennis following the discovery of her cocaine use. I'm not sure what the problem is since I'm fairly sure Phil Tufnell who is also in the series was done for using marijuana. There's also 2 people from Hollyoaks which is just criminal in itself.

Good news though, Big Brother is getting axed, wooooooooo.

Finally today my mother just brought in a microwave that my sister had bought for us. I feel quite bad about it since it's not her fault that the last one broke yesterday and it's not right that she has to use her hard earned money on us. I am very grateful but just feel I can't pay her back enough.

Oh and the box that the microwave came in was appreciated too, not by me though......

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