Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday 5th August 2009

Exhausted, bloody warm day today, although saying that I'm not the worlds greatest lover of warm weather. If it wasn't for my fear of ice I'd wish it was winter more often. Today I went out into the world for the purpose of shopping, it went fairly ok but standing in a shop dripping sweat off of my forehead is not particularly pleasurable for me or anyone around. I was feeling rather anxious and the journey home on the bus was far from being a rollercoaster ride but it was a white knuckle ride for me.

It's in weather like this that I hate having hair. Usually I wear a hat but today my head was roasting so I had to go hatless which posed a few problems. One being it's harder to see in the sun so a lot of squinting and the other to do with my fringe becoming saturated with sweat. Lovely. Hats are great since you just stick them on your head and no one will see your hair, however it's getting to the stage where I'm thinking is it appropriate to wear a hat all the time, it may be viewed as more youthful. Not being particularly fashionable I have no idea what to really do with hair or what style of haircut to get, I hate really short hair but I also find long hair too warm, however I know at least one person who is reading this is very much of the opinion that long is better. That person likes Lady GaGa so I'm not sure how vaild her opinion is.

Yesterday everything looked too blocked together so hopefully I've learnt and will now space stuff out. The other thing about hats I like is being able to hide. In Scotland we have a sub species of human called neds, neds like to wear baseball caps so that the skip of the hat is at a 90degree angle to their head, basically sticking right up in the air. Personally I go for the opposite direction and have the skip of my hat pointed down, covering my eyes, making me INVISABLE!!

Keeping with the hair theme, I have some quality sideburns and a stroking patch under my bottom lip called Tufty. Tufty began his life after I got fed up of slicing my lip whilst shaving, since then I've grown to love Tufty. However is it really that cool to have sideburns, I like them I think but I wonder if they would be a disadvantage when going for interviews. They're not thin fashionable sidies or lambchops, they're nice straight sideburns down to the jaw. I want to start growing them down from the jaw so I can form plaits. I'm not sure if I want to get rid of my obviously minted sideburns and by minted I mean quality, nothing to do with over zealous brushing of the teeth.

Lost my train of thought, I went away and watched the Dinamo Moscow v Celtic match. It finished 2 nil to Celtic with it being 2-1 on agg. I'm not a Celtic fan but it's good that they got through for Scottish football.

Was thinking about getting a job as a Michael Jackson impersonator, shouldn't be that hard now, just need twice as much talcum powder as before and perhaps a few lessons from a border collie on how to play dead.

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