Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday 14th September 2009

At my sisters now. Was wrong about the cat, it doesn't seem to of been attacked, it has bee punctured by a fence or something like that. Really quite sad, she has one of the cones around her neck so she can't lick the stitches but it gets in the way of her food bowl. Speaking of her food, I have to crush a tablet into her meal but she won't eat it so I'll be trying it in milk later. She's really quite a small cat compared to Dougie, she's cute even though she has a black chin which looks like an evil goatee. Would post a picture but I don't have the software here to upload images from my phone.

I thought my sister and her husband were off to Portugal but they're not, they're away up to kingussie again. I was up there with them overnight not long ago to see the wildlife park which is when I took some of the pictures that I've posted before. I think they'll probably go to the wildlife park again since they're near by and they might get to see the tiger cubs easier now that the school holidays are over.

I'll be staying here for around ten days I think. I had thought I'd miss my computer especially World of Warcraft but I think I was playing it out of routine rather than the same enjoyment I used to have. I still like it but don't have the same compulsion that helped the game be titled World of Warcrack by a number of people. However I would like to get my gf to play, trying to hook her on the fluffy creatures aspect and cute Gnomes, tactically omitting the violence involved. Not sure that it's working though.

Not sure the crushing the tablet in the milk worked. The powder, even though as fine as I could crush it still settled as sediment on the bottom of the milk bowl.

That was one bad result of the night, currently waiting for the Falkirk match to finish. Ends

Falkirk 0 - Aberdeen 0

Finally Falkirk have a point. Woooo

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