Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday 28th September 2009

As I mentioned yesterday there was an event in Scotland with parachuting bears and here today is some of the photos taken by my brother in law. He had taken more but apparently they didn't come out well since moving objects are blurry.

Stand up, salute them all and for once be proud to be beartish. Don't let their achievements go unnoticed.

Well this is a picture of the target the parachuting bears had to aim for. The flag is the emblem of the Seagull Trust.

A brave little bear dressed in his leathers. Not sure if it's leathers for flying or just for kinky bearness.

Not sure people realised that parachutes aren't shopping bags from Tesco. I think the government might of entered this bear to see if they could apply some more military budget cuts.

A scary looking man who I guess was the chief thrower offer.

Either getting ready to throw another bear or eat it.

Seems the answer was throw it although I can't really count the limbs from that image.

Another bear supporting the Tesco bag parachute coming to a war zone near you soon. Don't think supporting is the word I'm looking for but I don't attend many fashion shows to remember the term for wearing an item of clothing.

Looks like the bear was scared, look out below. Was it the height that scared him? The prospect of jumping off an aqueduct or the menacing looking man who looks suspiciously like Adrian Chiles?

I doubt that's going to end well.

What a good parachute, the bear is smiling and even has time to wave at the crowds below. We salute you.

Ground control to Major furry.....come in major furry.

A good looking parachute but seems like this bear was so scared of heights he's wearing a blindfold. Of course he may of been part of the kinky bears regiment.

Such a perfectionist, he's even looking for his landing spot.

Looks like there's not much air in that parachute. I predict a heavy landing.

Carnage on the bearttled field.

The injured participants being stretchered off to the first aid tent. Heroes everyone of them.

Opinions on these events bear faced cruelty or a teddy bears pic-nic?

I have the sad news to report that two of the bears died overnight in hospital from injuries received whilst landing.

R.I.P Mr Biggles. Your leather chaps with the posterior cut away were a joy for us all to see. He died from overexposure.

R.I.P Mr Mascarapanda. He died from being hung by a passing Asda bag, if only it was a Tesco bag he'd of been fine but no it had to be Asda. Sadly he was disqualified from the competition after one of the other competitors noticed that he was a panda and not a teddy bear. All he wanted was to be accepted. What makes some of us pandas and other teddy bears? Why can't we all get along?

Disclaimer : Please note that no teddy bears were actually harmed in this event and if they were I don't actually know. I do not believe Asda shopping bags are any more of a danger than Tesco shopping bags and I in no way support using Tesco shopping bags when jumping off of high buildings to parachute to the ground rather than that of the Asda brand. I do however believe that neither will allow you a safe fall from distance. I can however say that I do not know that for a fact and you may or may not be safer with a shopping bag when jumping out of a plane. I do believe there has been no official research on the matter and I firmly believe using a proper tested parachute is safer.

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