Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday 19th September 2009

A mixed day with the weather today. Started off relatively dull and grey, followed by some light rain, then it dried up and now in the early evening it's sunny outside.

Whilst in the rainy phase of the day I went to the shops to get some more food to hopefully last me until my sister and her husband are back from their holiday. Cost me another £27 odd but about £8 of it was on some chicken breasts which will do for two nights dinner. Bought some spring onions and peppers too. I'm not a big fan of vegetables but I normally use a couple of spring onions and 3 colours of peppers when I'm making stir fries With a sauce added to them the chicken and the noodles you can't pick out the vegetables and together it tastes rather nice.

I know a lot of people do jokes about women drivers but after today I can see why. Nothing to do with cars but trolleys. My mother was pushing the trolley and she wasn't watching out for anyone else, wasn't checking both ways before pulling out of an aisle and worst of all she blocked off some aisles and looked one way without turning around to see there were people wanting by her. She wasn't the only one, there were others doing it too. Saturday afternoon is an AWFUL time to try shopping. I think there was only three men in the entire supermarket who weren't employees, the rest were females, slow females. There should be speed limits in supermarkets. I can understand why the wee old ladies take so long, they have to wait till they have their entire body weight behind the trolley to make it move. I wonder what would happen if I waited until they had one foot off the ground ready to inch forward and I gently pushed the trolley back a few inches. Heavily pregnant women are even slower, I feel sorry for their partner / parent / child / sibling who's pushing the trolley for them while she puts one hand on her back and danders around the shop slower than the average brain speed of a ned attempting the Times suduko puzzle. Why can't women learn to shop like men? It's easy. You get your trolley, run towards the aisle then lift your feet off the ground and go weeeeeeeeee until you reach the item you want. Quicker AND more fun. I should point out weeeeeeeeee refers to the noise you make while you fly along and not to the act of urination although that might happen accidentally if your trolley goes out of control in the entertainment aisle, those cheap plasma screens add up to a fair amount. Speaking of bodily fluids I was going to make a remark about spilling water behind pregnant women and then saying their water has broke but hey that's not fun enough.

What you need is to bring an electrochemical cell with you, make sure you can get a power source then go up to the pregnant woman and ask to borrow some water. Now set up the electrochemical cell, attach it to your power then begin electrolysis, moments later you'll have broken the water into oxygen and hydrogen and now you can confidently approach the pregnant woman and tell her that her water has broke, you even have proof.

Falkirk were away to Hamilton today it ended

Hamilton 0 - Falkirk 0

Another point but we're still bottom of the table, a point behind St. Johnstone.

I was doing washing the other day, it was getting dark and the washing was still out. I wasn't sure what to do when the clothes were still damp so had to phone my mother and ask.

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