Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday 26th September 2009

OK so today features some pictures, as per normal they're just taken with my phone so they're not going to be the greatest pictures in the world. My sister, her husband and I went for a walk up Alva glen. Alva is a small town/Village located along the foothills of the Ochil Hills, not too far away from Stirling.

After wonder if it was going to rain most of the morning it turned out to be a rather nice day and to my horror a rather warm day. Warm to me of course is probably not warm to most other people. The pictures are in order of when I took them starting from the bottom and walking up the hill. I have more pictures but some are pretty much the same and others are not very good which is the cameras fault for not being able to shake at the same frequency as my hand.

Over in the distance somewhere is Falkirk, Grangemouth and other places.

This is a tree. I believe it's name was William but I wasn't formally introduced.

This is a wee river which flows down where we came up. We mocked it by going uphill, take that gravity. Was a nice wee walk would of been better if I didn't have a cold which reduced my breathing capabilities making me sound like a wheezing old man. Add that to the fact I didn't wear the appropriate attire, I had pondered for a while in the morning which trousers to wear, I choose the bad option it seems, picking my baggy jeans that like to come down my posterior while I'm walking. This is why I usually walk with my hands in my pockets. Yes I could wear a belt but do I really want to? This made the walking harder than it had to be when we reached rocky ground, having to hold your jeans up whilst climbing up or down a small rocky area is not ideal. Thankfully I took off my baggy hooded jumper and left it in the car before we started otherwise I think it'd ended up being drenched in sweat. I did however remember to bring my walking boots which always helps. I think naked hill walking makes sense until you factor in nettles, thistles, gorse bushes, hungry birds and the police.

Ideally once you reach the top you should be able to just roll down the hill like when you were a kid, however I think vertical drops and rocks make this an option for more experienced rolly down the hillers. Which I am not, I haven't rolled down a hill in many the year. I wonder if that's why some girls have bigger busts than others? Like suspension on a mountain bike, air bags in a car or bouncy castles in a prison.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was my last day on my course. The lady in charge asked me to do some typing for her which I was more than happy to do since it makes the time go by faster and helps. I can't believe how many errors were in the notes I had to type, they weren't written by her, these were official published aides to help people like her. I forgot to tell her about the changes I made to correct spelling, correct types of words and correct poor grammar. I'm wondering if I should email to explain things I changed and things I noted that should be changed but I don't want to look like some creepy stalker.

Whilst I was up a hill today Falkirk were playing against Kilmarnock in the SPL. It ended

Falkirk 0 - Kilmarnock 0

Despite only drawing, Falkirk now move off the bottom of the SPL on goal difference thanks to St. Johnstones loss to Dundee Utd. It's still going to be a long season. Six matches played, thirty two to go, so far three draws and three losses.

So last night whilst at my sisters I was playing Need for Speed Shift on the XBox360. It's a driving game and unlike most driving games you get points for either being precise whilst driving or aggressive. Being precise involves, overtaking other cars without contact, keeping to the racing line and other things I didn't really pay attention too. However aggressive driving gives you points for hitting other cars, spinning them and drafting. Needless to say I used aggressive tactics, ramming people of the road, spinning them off and using them as brakes to go round sharp corners.

After some gaming we watched a couple films. One of which was Crank 2 . I haven't seen Crank but the sequel was hilarious. I've no idea how it didn't win an oscar, how can you not enjoy something that involves a man having to run himself against an old lady to keep himself alive with friction.

Going back to games, I've been playing World of Warcraft since it was released and had been enjoying it until the latest expansion. Now Aion has been released and my friend from World of Warcraft started playing it yesterday, he says it's good but I'm a little uncovinced so far. The graphics look great but the characters look rather like feminine humans and I prefer my characters to look more like fantasy characters should be. I think I'll try it soon though just to see what it's like.

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