Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday 17th September 2009

Nice sunny relatively warm day in central Scotland. Slept in today and woke up at 10:05, not great when my course starts at 10am. Had a quick shower, a slow shave since being quick with sharp blades near your throat never sounds like a good idea, no breakfast, quick consumption of medication then a short 10minute walk up to where the course takes place. Got in around 11am. Luckily I redeemed myself with showing some good work on the task she had given me. I know I'm not a computer genius and I get a lot of things wrong but I like to think I can figure stuff out for myself one way or another however it seems bizarre to me that a lot of people don't know basic computer skills. By basic skills I mean, know what caps lock is for. There was a guy beside me who was slowly typing out his CV fully in capital letters. He had to ask me how he gets to the next line, of course being a kind hearted person I showed him the enter button plus some other things. The same guy was on the course with his daughter which was quite surreal to me. I've only heard of take your daughter to work days before, never anything about employment courses.

I don't mean to sound nasty it's just the way I think. I know there's a lot of people out there who can't read or write which I find quite difficult to comprehend especially since the majority of my family enjoy reading. I'm pretty sure my mother has borrowed most of the library. I was trying to imagine something that would be like being illiterate but I kept thinking of being blind although there so much more to enjoy with your eyes than writing. I can't really think of a good comparison with being illiterate. It's something I take for granted and probably most other people do too, it must be hard for people who can't read the paper every morning. Ah I've thought of a good comparison now, it's like being in a foreign country. I guess aliens will also have the same feelings but that sounded mean. Although the aliens might have a babel fish which can allow them to understand other languages, according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy anyway.

Currently typing this while I cook a pizza so hopefully I'll be finished in 12-20 minutes. Spicy chicken pizza if you're curious. I was putting it in the oven and noticed the cats medication and saw that there were 3 tablets left, I was puzzled for a minute thinking 3 was an odd number to have when it's 10tablets in total, 1 to be taken twice a day = 2 a day. After consulting with a local panda I realised that I hadn't fed the cat yet. Ooooops, I feed my cat Dougie at 4pm and he usually starts reminding me around 12pm and every 2minutes for the next 4 hours (unless he finds a box then he'll go to sleep in it for a while) whereas Keira is rather quiet, well behaved and gets fed at 6pm. Dougie has also figured out how to feed himself however he hasn't quite grasped the concept of quantity yet.

He also doesn't understand the concept of sharing. When he catches mice it's a nightmare trying to make him give them up, just stands there hissing, biting down on the mouse harder and leaving a little trail of blood. As most people are aware there's a credit crunch at the moment thanks to the banks being rather irresponsible. I know there's many reasons to be annoyed with the banks but personally I'm more annoyed with all the resulting tv shows talking about all the fat cat bankers. Dougie kept hearing this and now I can't get on my computer with him spending all day doing online applications to RBS. He doesn't understand they won't accept CVs that are in french.

Falkirk is a weird town, especially during the day it's full of old people everywhere or young mothers. Then after the schools are out or sometimes before you start to get congregations of skater / emo types. There's a skate park near my sisters so there's even more places now for them to pack together. They always seem to stare at me when I walk passed, especially the female ones, not sure if it's paranoia or wishful thinking. They always seem so small too, which I guess makes them look cute but I always feel strange because to me short = younger. This of course is entirely false since my friend Cat is a midget and she's older than me, also I've never met a old lady taller than me but that might be down to osteoporosis. My old laboratory partner at university was only 5ft5 which I thought was tiny and she was really thin so made her look even smaller but apparently 5ft4 is average height for girls. I just find it really hard to tell the age of girls, I probably insult most of them by saying they look 12 or some look in their 40s.

Paranoia or not I do feel looked at, maybe it's because of my height, I'm not a giant, I'm around 6ft4. I think maybe clothing has a part to play in it too. I wear brands like oakley, o'neills,DCs and quicksilver which are more associated with alternative sports rather than the mainstream sports like football. Speaking of football, if you walk around Falkirk you'll see mostly Celtic and Rangers tops being worn. I like these types of clothing because they tend to fit more easily, I know the jeans are meant to be baggy but they fit my leg length unlike Levi jeans. Hate wearing tight trousers, feels so snug and can't fit my iPod in my pocket. I believe I need to dress more my age but what to wear? I hate fashion, I won't be caught seen in skinny jeans. Tracksuits are for playing sport, not for everyday wear in public places, nobody has told the neds that of course. A suit isn't very practical and I'm too embarrassed to wear shirts normally, I hate my upper body. Hate my ass too, need to get a sander to remove the spots.

Argh I'm talking crap again. Going back to the subject of females, I was in my course today and the guy who I sometimes speak to said to me " Wow I have an amazing view" I was like " What?" to which he replied " See the girl in the yellow top there, I can see her bra through it". I'm not the most social person in the world but I'm pretty sure that's supposed to remain in your head and not be said aloud. I don't want to sound rude again but in my opinion looking at wasp stings is not my idea of a good view.

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  1. I'm not a midget! Everone is smaller than you since you're like 7 foot tall...