Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009

So today I wrote a couple of speculative letters to apply for jobs that aren't advertised. It's apparently common practice but to me it just feels rude. One of the guys who helps there was very helpful with it, after I wrote my first one he came over and checked it and said it was very good which pleased me since it was my first ever. Comparing it to the guy who I talk to on occasion who was sitting next to me mine was like war and peace. You're supposed to write between four and five paragraphs, he wrote that but each of his paragraphs were one sentence long. His first sentence was " Please find enclosed CV." I really do hate sounding so mean especially when someone has taken the time to talk to me which I genuinely appreciate. Although I can't believe he applied to Ann Summers.

After I got home from my clearly exhausting day I fell asleep for a few hours. God I'll miss afternoon naps when / if I get a job. What's better afternoon naps or money and self respect? It's a toughy. In my defence I had a horrible night trying to sleep, everytime I put my head down I started coughing. Today I've been coughing a lot again but now I'm coughing up a lot of those little green chewy bits of phlegm.

Thanks to my afternoon nap wiping out the time I had set aside for lunch it means all I've had to eat so far today is a couple of Trebor Softmints. I'll balance this out with dinner soon consisting of a plate of chips and a whole chicken. Why can't vegetables taste like duck? I'd be healthy then.


  1. I think you should just take a nap at your job. Why not?? :)

    And you do know when I read anything you've written, I read it with a Scottish accent. I know this is TMI, but my gynecologist is Scottish. It makes that visit JUST a little bit easier to take...

  2. lol at the post above...

    I used to work in Ann Summers. It's not a bad job but at Christmas it is a little bit crazy and you do hear a little tmi from the customers about their sex lives. If your friend gets the job he'll probably get put into the stockroom. there was only 2 guys when i worked there, the manager and the stockroom guy.

    About those letters... if you write a good one, they can work. I did it and I got work experience at a newspaper which was good, I didn't expect to get anything. Sometimes certain vacancies are only advertised internally but if you manage to get a letter into them they could consider you.

  3. Yup that is too much information.

    Ah well I thought places like Ann Summers would be exempt from hiring males.