Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday 3rd September 2009

Not a nice day today, was raining heavily and the sky is grey. In some places there were large puddles covering the whole width of the road, deep in some spots too.

Was at my course today but only till 12pm. I had briefly spoken to someone the previous week and spoke a bit more to them today which made the day slightly easier. Also one of the people in charge was looking over my CV again, he thought I should try to bulk it up a bit more after the lady had told me to lighten it. Grrr. He spoke to me for a while and I began to feel nervous and nauseous but resisted temptation to stand up and go to the bathroom to calm down. Instead I tried to forget it and say over and over it's all in my head. Not sure if it worked but I got through it. After tomorrow it's just 3 weeks left.

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