Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday 1st September 2009

Today I've mostly been watching the football transfer deadline. I had hoped to see some big transfer news but doesn't seem to of happened. There was a rumour that David Silva was at Old Trafford but nothing else has been mentioned since this afternoon. Quite disappointing really. You always hope Ronaldo says he made a mistake going to Real Madrid and moves on a free to Falkirk but never seems to happen.

Also been talking about football on another forums, someone disagrees with me on my point that Scottish football is getting worse. His argument was that no team in the bottom six of the English premier league would be able to come into the Scottish premier league and finish 3rd. As they currently stand I'd think that any team in the EPL has a chance of finishing in the top 2 of the SPL. He then said he meant after taking into consideration the money lost from moving from the EPL to the SPL, which is rather a lot different and something you can't really predict without seeing what money they generate from what avenues. I'm sure any team in the Scottish premier league would jump at the chance to play in the English premier league, you'd get more money from being relegated in that division than you would from most positions in the SPL. I guess the only drawback is the fact you wouldn't have the same easier chance of getting into Europe.

I can't remember what I was actually going to write about.

Oh well despite slow cooking my stew for hours and hours still the carrots, turnips and potatoes are hard. Annoyingly the beef is cooked and I've a feeling it'll get ruined if I cook it any longer.

Received another job rejection today but this time they said they'd keep my details on file in case another position came up, which I thought was rather nice.

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