Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wednesday 23rd September 2009

Another match and another loss for Falkirk. It was a third round tie in the Co-operative insurance cup aka the "diddy" cup against the holders Celtic. It ended

Falkirk 0 - Celtic 4

I didn't think we'd win but I was hoping maybe we'd give them a decent match. I hope they win soon.

Sooooooo I was at the doctors again this morning, started to get anxious before going in, I always start to panic in the little consulting room once the door is shut. I start to feel nauseous and worry I'll be sick and it'd be so embarrassing, despite the fact I have been sick at the doctors before and blocked up his sink. That was a lovely afternoon.

My mother decided my nerves were fine and chose not to see an oncoming car and pulled out in front of it. I'm not a good passenger, I have an invisible brake I stamp my foot on.

After calming down and lunch I went to Stirling to the royal infirmary to have my heart checked, it has a leak in it or a hole or something along those lines. I try not to listen cause it'll just make me paranoid, not sure why they keep thinking my star sign is cancer, I wish they'd stop writing it on my files. Anyways, I went in, got to sit around for 30minutes cause the doctor was running late. YAY for me, I get 30 minutes to work my anxiety up further woooooooooooooo. Once I finally went in I was greeted by some strange doctor and some other guy who'd be sitting in, I think he said he was some sort of nurse type dude but whatever he was he was kinda creepy. My writing is awful but this doctors handwriting was just scribbles with a fancy pen. All he did was ask me questions then say mmmh huh. Following that I went to get an ECG with some very very short old lady. I didn't exactly like being taken into a dark room and being ordered to strip to the waist, it got worse when she pulled the lube out of the cupboard. Laying half naked on a bench while some old lady attaches pads to your chest then orders you to roll onto your side so she can put her arm over you and rub the probe over your chest is not my idea of fun afternoon.
It got worse when whilst she slowly moved the probe around she softly asked " Is this your first time?" I hope thats not how all ECGs are.

The nightmares will come later, they will come. They always do.

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