Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wednesday 30th September 2009

Did have something planned to talk about today but now I'm going to talk about something else again.

PARACHUTING TEDDY BEARS!!! oh wait nothing new to say about them.

Oh well

Yesterday I was sitting peacefully playing World of Warcraft when my father came home from his Tuesday night food shopping. He goes on a Tuesday so he can but a lot of the cheap use by today crap. He came home with some chicken breasts, steak rump and other crap and then expected me to start cooking it all so it doesn't go off. It was already 8pm by the time he had got in and I personally hadn't eaten anything yet. Since I'm the best cook in the house and I am, I get lumped with all the cooking. I wouldn't mind if it was food that I liked to eat but it's whatever he finds cheap. After 45minutes I had on a vegetable curry, chicken curry and a beef stew. During which he comes in and starts making himself a baked potato (in a broken microwave, he's trying to kill us all) doesn't bother to make anyone else anything even though I'm slaving away cooking all this crap. What's the point in buying 15 doughnuts when it says eat on day of purchase and there's only 3 people, yes they're only 1p for 5 but who the hell is going to eat 15 doughnuts in 3 hours?

Before going shopping he noticed the rolls my mother had brought in and even said to me " I assume your mother has been home since these weren't here this morning" 2 hours later after coming back from the shops, he pulls out 2 bags of cheap rolls and says he didn't know there were any in the house. So now I have to eat 15 doughnuts and 20 odd bread rolls in 3 hours or they all go stale. What's wrong with buying food that at least lasts a day?

Before going with my mother today, Dougie thought it'd be hilarious to make us chase him around the front garden.

Today I had to go with my mother to some person to pick stuff up, I'm not sure why I needed to go apparently the woman is a bit of a bitch and there was meant to be some heavy lifting. There was no heavy lifting, all the boxes were light, I know old people are frail but that was a joke. The woman was one of the not posh people but wants to give the impression of being posh so she looks superior people, which was fun. I rarely talk in these type of occasions so when standing towering above people I just look like a bouncer, which is fun. We managed to get lost on the way there and the way out, you'd think we'd of learnt our lesson the first time round but nope we didn't. It was in a place called Dollar which is along the foot of the Ochill hills were I was on Saturday.

On the way home we stopped by the best chip shop in the world Corrieri's, I got a sausage supper, freshly made. It was awesome. Want more now. I used to get it everyday for my lunch except Tuesdays when it was shut when I went to Stirling University. Wish I could go back just for that.

Just rambling on.


  1. I'm rather peckish too but I don't think it's a particularly good idea to start eating curry at almost half two in the morning.