Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday 9th October

Last night I made some incredibly juicy tender pork tenderloin, it was a joy to eat.

OK going back to what I was discussing yesterday, employment and my future. I have no idea what I want to be or do.

  • All I really know is science
  • I'm awful with people
  • I wouldn't mind joining the police but I don't think I'd pass the fitness tests to get in and I'd really enjoy giving out some police brutality
  • I hate ice
  • I have a problem with doors
  • I'm polite
  • I like being outside unless there's ice
  • I like being inside if there's ice
  • I like working in labs
  • I'm accurate
  • I'm a good problem solver
  • I like to sleep
  • I enjoy afternoon naps
  • I like to write but my knowledge of the English language is limited and my grammar is poor
  • I'm a good cook but don't really like a lot of food, mainly veg unless it's raw carrots or peppers and I don't think I could handle the cooking environment
  • I'm intelligent
  • I have a decent sense of humour
  • I like to play computer games
  • I have a good imagination
  • The idea of teaching is good, I especially like the fact you have shorter days and long summer holidays however I'm not too keen on kids, I'm too attractive to be a high school teacher and too scary to be a primary school teacher. Plus in modern day society you're not allowed to beat them with chairs
  • I don't like warm weather
So taking all that into consideration what jobs should I be looking at? What would I be good at? What would I enjoy?

I'm thinking a Ninja who works in Sweden.

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