Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wednesday 7th October 2009

It's currently 4:35am, it's dark outside, it's quiet and I like it. This might not make sense but I enjoy nobody else being around but I don't like being alone.

The best thing about this time of day is the ability to think, I find I think much clearer. It's usually the time when I used to do my laboratory write ups on the day they were to be in for. I don't really like pressure but I'm awful at making decisions, it's not just me my sister is the exact same. Even if we probably prefer something over something else we will still just say "I don't know" or "I don't mind". I think it's due to my father not giving us choices when we were growing up. We did what he wanted to do so now as adults, choices confuse us.

Along with the middle of the night I also find that the bathroom is a great place to think, it's where I go to read or play Sudoku. Again I'm not the only one in my family who does this my sister has a Sudoku book in her bathroom too. Why should the bathroom only be used for disposing of bodily functions or washing. It's a room, it's quite a peaceful room, yes it has a toilet but surely that's an added bonus.

As usual my father went to the shops to get cheap food, he came back with a couple of value chickens. They're the really cheap ones that I'm sure are the unhappy chickens. I guess most chickens are unhappy once they find out they're going to die and get eaten but when you're hopping around a field it seems less of a depressing end. Anyways he had to cook it before it went out of date the next day so he boiled it, it smelled foul (pardon the pun). I hate boiled chicken it has no flavour which makes you add a tonne of salt just to taste something. Even Douglas the cat turned his nose up at it when I offered him a piece and only minutes before hand he had had a mouse stuffed in his mouth. Douglas is great at catching mice but is awful at giving them up. I chased him throughout the house trying to grab him while this little creatures back legs flapped up and down as he bounced along with the occasional hiss and grr to say "this is MY mouse". Eventually I got him cornered and squeezed his mouth open then threw the mouse out the window, I wasn't sure where to put it so out the window seemed like a good idea. My father loathes mice, he's the stereotypical 1950s woman who leaps onto a chair if she sees one. I asked for his help in catching the cat which I knew was a waste of time, after I caught the cat and disposed of the mouse I sarcastically said "thanks for the help". I should sneak out of the house, find the mouse and attach it to the door handle of his car, that would be hilarious.

Before I forget I was talking about beds last Thursday and said I'd continue the next day which seems to of turned into almost a week. I've probably forgotten now.

It's Autumn (Fall to the Americans) now and won't be long till Winter, there's nothing better than waking up in a nice snug warm bed and knowing you don't have to get up. The only problem is I need to get a job, I suppose I could get a job in a bed shop. There's some nice ones in Glasgow like. I wonder if people would notice you sleeping in the beds as they did their shopping. It'd be great if they didn't, you could stay up all night playing computer games, go to work get into a bed, sleep till your shift is done then go home AND get paid at the end of the week/month.

I'll be staying on the bed subject but in order to link it I'll first say, whilst travelling around the blogosphere I came across this blog. At first I thought it was like one of those things where people discuss their insecurities which some of it is but most of it seems to be sex related. Now according to tv and films, mens favourite fantasy is being with two females at the same time. Now I can't be the first person to notice a major problem with this. If there's only one boat and two ports and the boat only sails once a day then there's going to be only one lot of passengers. Maybe the passengers booked their trip as a cruise or maybe as a mystery tour, some would have got tickets to go to port A and others would of wanted to see port B. That means only the passengers who wanted to visit port A will be happy, the rest of the passengers will be stuck at port A and whilst the people who booked the cruise or the mystery tour will be happy to look around the town at port A for a while the people who wanted to go straight to port B will be disgruntled. As we all know there's an economic crisis on at the moment so every shop needs some regular business to stay afloat. However if only the town at port A gets visited by the boat passengers then the town at port B will suffer, the tourist industry would decline and more than likely will result in job losses. This in turn will probably lead to migration and perhaps the people in the town at port B will move over to the town at port A and increase the population there.
If the people in the town at port B stay at the town at port A then this directly affects the number of passengers who'll board the boat, with only one port to visit you can't offer a mystery tour or a cruise and the people who want to go to port B will have to find alternative travel. With the number of passengers lowered the number of weekly trips to port B may become fewer in order to cut costs, if the number of passengers continued to decrease then the boat may go into disrepair and the captain may be forced to close down all sailing.

Maybe I'm naive or perhaps I'm just lazy but I don't see the point in cheating on your partner. You have to spend time cheating, then you have to spend time thinking up excuses when you could spend that time having a nap. Also with cheating you have to share the duvet again when you can do that with your wife. Americans have it great they get pay by the hour motels for cheats and hookers (not the rugby players) , that would be awesome while your wife is at home you can go to a motel and have 4 hours with a duvet to yourself. Only problem would be explaining it to your wife when it appears on your credit card bill every Thursday.

If you're worried about your partner cheating just introduce them to World of Warcraft then they'll not bother with anyone.

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  1. Unhappy are the chickens who know they are going to be eaten, but happy are the Chicks who know they are going to be eaten too!