Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday 18th December 2009

How to think positive?......

......I have no fucking idea.

Apparently as children we're taught to always be modest and not to praise ourselves for achievements. So teachers and parents are to blame for everything.

So if this is true how are you meant to act when you win something? Are you supposed to jump up and down and rub the losers face in it?

It just doesn't seem right. I guess you're meant to do it into your head and not aloud but isn't that just being fake in front of others?

I know I over think things but it's what I do. My brain is analytical. I'm a thinking person not a doing person. I think about getting up but instead I go back to sleep. Although when I do sleep I have some seriously fucked up nightmares.

Thinking just causes stress and stress sucks.

I almost forgot, since I've been away

Falkirk have had a draw with Celtic, drew with St Mirren last week and beat Hamilton 2-0 a few weeks ago. So thinking positive, Falkirk WILL win the league.

Falkirk FC website how scary is that kid on the front page?


  1. Yes. Jump up and down. Then blame your teacher for not telling you not to as a kid.

  2. I blame my english teacher, she had a mental breakdown. Not due to me obviously.