Monday, 4 January 2010

Monday 4th January 2010

Ah don't you just love the joys of winter. Christmas, New years, slipping on ice, council not supplying people with grit and of course pushing cars out of ruts when they get stuck. The last one was I was doing today. It was LOTS of fun. My father had managed to slide his car off the runway into the side and there was no grip to get it out. That's where sons come into action. I had been wondering why people breed but now I ken, people breed solely for the reason to be able to get their cars out of trouble.

Now I probably should called it a driveway rather than a runway since our house isn't on an airport and I should go back and call it a driveway in the first place but going backwards isn't my style. So I spent my evening trying to push a car on ice. This was far from easy, no grip for the car and no grip for me so wasn't working well. Finally I went and destroyed the box Douglas played in and put the flappy parts under the car tyres. With one final struggle I managed to push the car free. After that I died. Well almost. I really am unfit. Now to nap while I reset my chest.

So last night in the UK the greatest show on Earth started and finally Hell froze over. Yes that's right " Celebrity " Big Brother is back. Now I don't watch Big Brother since I think it's mind numbingly dull but the live launch shows do make me curious. I think the Americans will ken who more of the Celebrities are than I do.

Stephen Baldwin : Luckily I ken who the Baldwin brothers are and I like the film the Usual Suspects. However I didn't know he was now famous for being a religious dude.

Nicola Somethingorother : Some glamour model, no idea who the hell she is.

Alex Reid : Cagefighter dating Katie Price, not famous by himself.

Stephanie Beacham : I know the name, wouldn't know the face, I assume since she was in Dynasty she's famous.

Lady Sovereign : Heard of her, no idea what songs she's actually done, doubt I'd like them.

Sisqo : He's some American midget Rap and Bullshit singer, did that Thong song but nothing else I ken.

Dane Bower : Was in a shit boy band in the 90s, nobody cares, not famous.

Heidi Fleiss : Heard the name mentioned in some TV / Films but had no idea who she was, apparently she set dates up or something.

Jonas : I had no idea who he was until the said Basshunter. I don't like dance music but there's lots of adverts in the UK that have said Basshunter before, I didn't realise it was just a person though.

Katia : Had a thing with Ronnie Wood, sick bitch. Not famous.

Vinnie Jones : Ex footballer and movie star, clearly the most famous, hope he headbutts them all.