Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Sad news, following a pitch inspection the Falkirk match was called off.

For Hogmanay I spent the night at my sisters house playing games and watching films. Watched the Hangover which was hilarious. We played a game called Rabbids Go home , I had previously played other games with Raymans rabbids in it but this was hilarious. My brother in law and myself spent ages making our rabbits using various tools and putting them in strange poses. You get a vice to reshape the rabbits head, a pump to blow up the eyes and ears, you can explode them, air to inflate them larger and a hand to slap the rabbit into a random face which was strangely enjoyable. You also get to recolour it and put tattoos on it, I put skull tattoos on it's nipples, bum and front area. My sister also tried her hand at designing a rabbit but she just ended up with a purple rabbit, unlike her husbands scary Michael Jackson rabbit complete with sparkly glove. Was great fun anyway.

We watched Elf whilst eating a lovely meal of Chinese food. Unbelievably they had never seen the film before. What sad people they are.


  1. Elf AND The Hangover in ONE night??? CRAZY! We watched The Hangover again last night too. It NEVER gets old....

  2. I got it for my brother in law for Christmas, think he's watched it 3 times already. It's awesome, keep doing impressions of the Chinese guy.