Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday 31st January 2010

Thank god January is almost over. Not been the funnest month especially the past few days. As I mentioned previously I was going to a funeral on Saturday, it was for my great uncle so didn't directly affect me. However it's family and it's better to go for my Gran. It was her brother in law and my Grandfathers death affected me, not entirely sure how but during counselling it was the thing that I just couldn't talk about and made me cry.

I was staying at my sisters the night before the funeral since it's just around the corner and at around 11pm there was a phone call to the house. My brother in laws father had died. Again it doesn't affect me directly although I talk to my brother in law a fair bit but in this circumstance I just didn't ken what to say. Normally I make jokes about death, I had a field day when MJ died but when it's family it's just bad taste. Not saying anything just seemed ignorant though. It's a times like those you wish you had an ice breaker like " I have AIDS ". In the past year both my sister and my brother in law have been a big help.

So with that bit of bad news neither of them slept much and he and some of his relatives had to head north in the morning. With the best of bad luck it had been snowing again which made my sister worry. Snow + ice + lack of sleep is not a good combination when walking so I highly doubt it's good for driving.

At the funeral I was surprised by the volume of people there, so many that the place was overcrowded. This didn't help me, I started to panic and drip sweat . Was horrible. Eventually my sister took my outside so I could calm down. After the service there was a reception which wasn't pleasant, so many old people all talking loudly and the room just felt like it was boiling, it may of been the lack of sleep but I started to feel dizzy. I felt like I was going to pass out, I could just hear the blethering of the old people around me, it felt like hell.

It's strange seeing people you haven't seen in years and they look so old.

On a another sad not, Falkirk lost again.

Rangers 3 - Falkirk 0.

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