Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday 14th January 2010

Results are in for Out of Tune Idol and damn I'm through to round three. Theme for next week is soft rock ballads from the 70s, immediately I thought of Meat Loaf but one of the damn judges has now said she wants to hear Meat Loaf, curse her, curse them all.

Must of been snowing again, which is far from fun. Constant dripping coming from the gutters so stuff on the roof must be melting which means ice later, YAY!!!


  1. Congrats on getting through! Soft rock ballads..hmm would Led Zeps Song remains the same fall into that catagory or not? It's awesome and I think you'd be quite good (bad)at it! All the snows gone here now, and it's not so cold so no ice for us I think.
    Take a sled and have some fun for me!

  2. Actually don't have a sled anymore, got rid of it when the garage roof got done recently. Not that I had ever really used it anyways.