Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28th January 2010

Lets start with last nights football results, we didn't lose WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

it ended

Falkirk 0 - Motherwell 0

However we will be losing captain Darren Barr at the end of the season to Hearts, boooooooo.

Elsewhere in sport Andy Murray is into the final of the Aussie Tennis open final, obviously he's taking inspiration for my run in the out of tune idol. I'm a little scared that the world may come to an end soon when a Scot finally wins something.

At this current point in time I'm busy cooking a joint of pork, obviously not too busy since I'm writing this. The time is 21 : 52 when I'm typing this piece of news. That should let you ken it's fairly late at night. My Father thoughtfully brought it home after he noticed it on extra special discount since it's use by date is today. Of course I get to cook it since I'm the best cook and also because I complain when he tries to do something in the kitchen. He only kens how to make food taste bland. He's been cooking for more years than I've been alive and still doesn't ken you're meant to heat the pan before adding the food. He gets really pissed off when I point stuff out to him, especially when he uses a vegetable knife to cut meat. I'm only telling him because it's wrong but he just doesn't seem to want to ken.

Better go check on my pork and figure out what show tune I'm going to sing.

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