Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday 5th January 2010

Was snowing again during the night, not too much but it'll end up freezing and creating more ice. ARGH!! I think whenever I have to go outside I'll do the dog with worms technique, just to be on the safe side. Haven't decided if I'll do it with or without trousers on yet.

Today was the first round of the Out of tune contest over at Mean Girl Garage. I'm genuinely surprised that I'm getting some votes. I was rather apprehensive in seeing the results but luckily it's all good humoured and the judges comments were pretty much hilarious.

I'm not counting my chickens yet but the next theme is songs you might hear in a strip club. WTH? Does Scotland even have any strip clubs? Hopefully it includes the songs you hear while the strippers cry out the back and cut themselves, I'm thinking Johnny Cash's version of Hurt, classy or the theme tune from M*A*S*H. I wonder if drunk Scottish people stripping to the sound of O Flower of Scotland counts.

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  1. GETTING some votes? You're practically winning.....