Monday, 15 March 2010

The connection light of happiness.

Today I'll start with a poem if my internet decides to behave.

Little connection light not flashing there,
making me pull out my hair,
you seem to me to be extremely stable,
which results in me not able,
to check my emails or play my games,
it makes me consider Virgin to be real lame,
I think you enjoy putting me in distress,
but I'm gripping my axe like it started with all the rest,
the graphics card, the television and the phone,
to name just a few that went wrong,
patience is a virtue that I don't possess,
so I'm going to find you, chib you and hack you into little pieces,
feed you to people till you become faeces.

Internet or router or something isn't working properly so bit annoyed with it, luckily I'm an understanding man.......


  1. I'm not letting you cook on Friday. I don't want to be keeching bits of router for the next week :-(

  2. Hey don't worry it won't be router, it'll be Virgin employees.