Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Panic in the streets of Denny, Panic in the streets of Dunipace......

Oh how fun life is, went to get my hair cut since it badly needed it. Hairdressers was empty, good that'll help the anxiety. Well I thought it would. Two seconds after sitting down start to feel faint and sweat a lot, hairdresser is quite attractive and that made it worse. Wanted to apologise so badly for being all icky but couldn't get the words out. Instead just sat there like some weirdo betting like a switch.

Slam head table. Repeat.

It is rather disheartening not to be able to do something so simple without fear of looking like a convict hiding from the police.


  1. When I had hair I used to get it cut every 4 weeks. My hair dresser was a flirty 6ft blonde lassie, we used to run into each other all the time in clubs and what not. We got to be quite good mates.

    Going more often might help?

  2. This is more common than you think. The less my hairdresser speaks, the more I tip. The less she touches me, the more I tip. And I know a lot of people who are the same.

    I take a pill before going. After that I lull in sweet numbness and it makes everything more enjoyable.

  3. Next time I'm taking someone with me to apologise while I look like a disabled person trying to lick a crumb off their ear.

    Need to get it cut soon.