Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The art of sleeping.

Seriously I seem to have forgotten how to sleep. I go to bed, lay down then some time goes by and I wake up after only 2 frigging hours AND somehow in that space of time I've managed to text someone saying " Can't remember anything ". WHAT?!! I don't know now I can't remember anything, it must of been a premonition.


  1. Ah, sleep texting. Apparently I've done that before.

    You need to get up in the morning, the routine will come back.

    I wake up at 7.30am and I get up. This means I'm tired come bed time. Days when I stay in my pit til 11, 12, or 1 o'clock I'm too awake at night to get to sleep.

  2. I got up yesterday morning, sadly I accidentally went to sleep around 12.

    I do sleep texting quite a a bit, usually about sandwiches.

  3. It's probably because you aren't making singing videos.....

  4. I better start again then, can't deny the world my talent any longer.