Friday, 9 April 2010

As Johnny Cash would say......

.........nothing, he can't talk, he's dead.

I talk about it a lot, well to myself at least but how do you accept compliments and stop putting yourself down?

Girls like a confident male, I'm only confident that I'm not confident which apparently doesn't count as confidence.

I guess there's different levels of confidence, there's arrogance where you think you're awesome. Modesty which is good then at the bottom there's self harming vet, the guy who keeps putting himself down.

Over the past month there has been a change in my luck and coping with anxiety does seem to be getting better. Have had some help though. Going from being too anxious to eat to enjoying a meal in public in a matter of weeks is pretty damn good. Obtaining self belief is pretty damn crucial and every time I don't die seems to indicate I might not die next time either. However I do prefer to have the amber lamps on stand by.


  1. You can have self deprecating humour. That is best of both worlds...

  2. Good to know you're feeling at least better. I guess the hard part is finding that happy medium between self-deprecating and arrogance, that's what confidence is. You'd be surprised how many people are faking it too. They might be just as anxious as you underneath but better at faking. I notice you improved when you dropped the Irn Bru? Is this coincidence? Say it ain't so.

  3. Yeah I've noticed the drop since the loss of Irn Bru too, not sure if it's related or not, hoping not since it'll always have a place in my heart.