Thursday, 22 April 2010

Do politics lack moose? Ah it's all I could come up with.

I was watching tv tonight, mainly comedy but did see some parts of the second political debate. So far I've concluded that David Cameron is a bit of a twat. He seems to talk nonsense, not that I agree with any of the other two main parties either.

Anyways why do the three biggest parties get the most attention, surely that's unfair to the others. I mean yeah it's more likely Manchester United or Chelsea will win the league but you can't discount Forest Green Rovers.

To me Nick Clegg looks like David Cameron and Gordon Brown is just under a pile of shite left by Tony Blair. I can't see why they don't get the green party to come on, now there's some good policies.


  1. My mum's all up in arms that the SNP aren't included or other smaller parties. I think honestly I'm ready to support an independent Scotland and keep all those oil revenues that keep getting diverted to London, how about you?

  2. I already vote SNP so yeah I want my own country so we can build a super power with the Faroe Islands and seek vengeance on the Bahamas.

  3. I heard the woman in charge of the green party speaking the other day, she sounded really thick.
    Scotland will not become an independent country because us Brits will keep you firmly under our boot! (I mean this jokingly of course, I'm not racist)
    I don't know who to vote for, I vote lib dem for local stuff but the clegg is a real douchebag. Maybe I'll vote for myself. I'd be an awesome PM.

  4. Um, the oil is nearly gone, whisky sales are only ok. Tourism is struggling because of the weak pound. Revenue streams are limited.

    Having said that I'd rather live in a poor country with no nuclear weapons and no pointless invasions.

    However, since most people seem to value their bank balances above all else, I think it is unlikely that we'll ever break away and lose our extra funding via the Barnett formula.

    Unfortunately to have truly benefited from the oil revenues we'd have needed to have been independent for the last 30 years.

    I like the way SNP have been running things currently. Voting them into a UK parliament is another proposition altogether.

    I'd previously voted Lib Dem years ago as they wanted to tax everyone an extra penny in the pound to spend on education. Good policy.

    Tories prioritise the rich over everything else, and for that reason I could never bring myself top vote for them.

    Labour have gone from being a socialist party to warmongering Tory Lite.

    I voted Green the last time, but until we enshrine proportional representation in Westminster all votes for anyone other than the big 3 are wasted.

    Democracy my arse.

  5. What I don't really understand is why they mocked Clegg for wanting rid of Trident. If Iran or North Korea launch a nuke, we're fucked anyway so why do we need to send one back?

    It's rather hypocritical of ourselves to tell other countries nukes are dangerous when we're swimming them about on subs.

  6. I asked my MP about this.

    He said it was because "we are good, and can be trusted, they are bad, and can not. Therefore we need Trident."

    WTF does that even mean?

  7. "If Iran or North Korea launch a nuke, we're fucked anyway so why do we need to send one back?"

    Ever heard that expression "an eye for an eye"?

    Supposedly the ultimate deterrent and nobody would ever use them.

    Well if that really is true ALL get rid. Then no-one needs them. Bollocks.

  8. Of course I know the expression an eye for an eye but if the world turns into a post nuclear holocaust scenario then I'd be pretty glad I got wiped out already.

    If north Korea blow up the rest of the world they won't have anyone to run starbucks.

  9. I assume the MP in question was Eric Joyce, he's an army dude anyway so he'll always be on the war side.

    Even though he can't pay for his own wreaths for memorials.