Monday, 21 June 2010

I'm Scottish I shouldn't have to deal with warmth.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't particularly like warm weather. I don't cope in it at all. I HATE sweating and I do it a lot. It's not even July yet and it seems to be bloody boiling outside. How I long for Autumn, that lovely time of year when it's not too warm and not cold enough to worry about ice.

Anyways, back in the real world I recently put my name down for volunteering at the Seagull trust and on Saturday went along to an open day to see what I can do. Had a brief presentation which seemed to go on too long for my liking, started to panic but didn't give into the fear. After that went out on a barge for a wee cruise, not easy when you're about twice the height of the inside, sitting down. Was a lovely peaceful way to see the canal though, I sound so old.

Elsewhere in the world the World Cup is still going on, it seems to me like it looks like it's playing Fifa on world class mode, running around not making many chances and having to 1 touch the ball before you get whacked by the computer. Although sadly today North Korea were playing on beginner setting, got humped 7-0 by Portugal. 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Miaow screeched first mate Dougie, I turned to the door to see what he had spotted, MIAOW he yelped again as he caught sight of my eyes. I turned back to what I was doing, MY GOD, I said, DOUGLAS DOUGLAS, I've found it. After three treacherous days, I had discovered the floor of my room. It lay hidden beneath an Index catalogue from spring 2003. This will be the day that goes done in history. Miaow said Dougie, it wasn't the floor that he had seen, it was the time, 4pm, feeding time.

I pulled down my clean towel mask that had been protecting me against dust and went to feed Douglas, mmh beef in gravy.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Too much time

Whilst I'm working on the cleaning, I keep my head focused on the goal of a nice clean room where you can actually bring someone into and not need to be vaccinated first. I actually don't vaccinate people at the moment but the quarantine zone is getting too crowded and keeping people locked up for 6months is apparently kidnapping.

Along with being able to bring people in, I want to move my computer so I'm not surrounded by food every time I log on. Unfortunately for me my computer is getting rather old, preferably I'd have a nice Alienware computer 
but they're slightly out of my price range just now especially with the lack of a job. I can live and dream though.

And you thought old tv guides were bad......

Yeah, I thought finding some 2004 tv guides whilst cleaning was bad, that was until I discovered a decomposing plastic bag, isn't that shit supposed to have like a 1000year half life? Oh well never mind, do you think 2003 Argos catalogues will be worth anything on Ebay?

At least I know I'm getting closer to the floor.

I seem to of pulled a muscle in my ass.

I had no idea what I was going to title this post until I sat down and noticed my buttock seems to be rather sore. The left cheek, no idea why. Spent the day cleaning, found a few tv guides from 2004, that really makes my last cleaning attempt look worse. I'll start on 2005 soon.

Been sneezing for the past hour which is always fun, will probably have whiplash soon, maybe I have it in my left buttock.

Lets see what else is new, well I walked through the living room earlier to see my cat licking his crotch and his little excited pink member peering out, you were right Chris, he did like you.

Been watching the world cup, sadly England didn't lose.

Went to Glasgow a few fridays ago, got there and discovered I didn't feel well, spent the next hour in the train station bog, getting my 30p worth, then another 30 odd mins in another bog. Not sure what is worse, paying to not eat at an all you can eat buffet or buying a train ticket to go to the toliet?

Back to sneezing again.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Haven't posted in a while

Having major trouble sleeping. Keep going to sleep at a normal time like midnight then waking up around 3am. Just lay there trying to get back to sleep for hours on end but nothing ever seems to happen. That is until I get up, do something vaguely constructive like typing on here then have breakfast and I'll fall asleep until lunch. Not on purpose.

Other than that I keep having weird dreams and nightmares. It's just horrible to wake up after a vivid dream all warm and covered in sweat.

I have to admit I'm becoming depressed again, nothing socially, it's employment. Applying for more and more jobs in the hope of getting something but to no avail. Nobody even replies. There must be something I can do. I just want to be able to get out of this hole and start building my life.